Thursday, July 6, 2017


I had quite some french stamps in some recent acquired kiloware and thought it a good idea to start verifying if I could add some stamps to Big Blue/SIP 1.

Before :
 After :

I found about 38 stamps mostly Pasteur, Mercure, Seeder stamps.

So that brings my grand total of french stamps to 66.

Way to go!

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  1. Way to go indeed! My first foray into my new to me big blue album determined that the France pages were missing! Fortunately I was able to secure the pages through a feeder album that I purchased. Still haven't found a USA set of pages so can identify with your earlier experience. Fortunately my original path into collecting was through a USA collection so haven't really missed the pages. I have followed Jim Jackson's example from and kept track via a virtual collection for the USA area.