Thursday, May 4, 2017

Why a blog dedicated to Scott's International Part 1 Big Blue ?

This blog is dedicated to Scott's International Part 1 aka Big Blue, containing space for 33.933 stamps issued between 1840 - 1940.

My goal is to complete it as much as possible, well to complete it to say it bluntly.

I wish to show you the process how my collection will grow (at least I hope) and eventually some more in-depth posts depending of course of the time available.

I discovered the existence of the Scott's International Part 1, thanks to Keijo Kortelainen and Jim Jackson who collect worldwide and have excellent webblogs (see the links on the left side).

My curiosity was aroused and I bought a 1969 edition of Big Blue on ebay.

Not containing a lot of stamps but at least it was available for my limited purse.

I'm at the moment making an inventory of the stamps in my Big Blue thanks to the excellent checklist made by ChrisW and will post the results.

My Scott's International Part 1 will be completed steadily by stamps I own already and are for the moment in my stampbooks.

And on the other hand by ongoing acquisitions, I bought some pages of two south american countries, as well another stampbook with older stamps, and acquired some stamps at some online swap/sell site.

And you too can contribute by proposing stamps (which you have multiple times) from your feeder albums for swap, sale.

Wouldn't it be nice if other collectors of Big Blue would join in and we could exchange stamps so all our Big Blue books would fill steadily.

Other stamp swaps communities exist of course, but here it's reduced at or specifically for stamps present in Big Blue.

I also created a Facebook Group which could make swaps perhaps easier?


  1. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to your journey with Big Blue. It is great to follow someone from the beginning!


  2. Thanks Mark for your kind words and encouragement. Will try to make the adventure as interesting as possible for the readers.

    You try to complete a Big Blue as well?

    1. I don't have a big blue, but I am building a general worldwide collection. My focus is more 1900-1975. I use "Steiner" pages and Vario stock sheets. I feel a kindred spirit to the Big Blue collectors though. :)

      I'm interested in learning about purchases and integrating purchases into the main collection. What type of lots are the most effective, etc. How to most effectively move beyond the basic packet material that everyone has. How to best dispose of stamps that are 'out of scope' of your collection. I hope you talk about those things along the way (no rush though!).